Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

We promote positive social services and corporate social responsibilities to neighboring areas and provide welfare and opportunities to all to enhance their livelihood and add more meaningful value to their community.

The Things We Do

Feeding & Shelter Assistance

We have taken it upon ourselves as part of our CSR to feed the poor and also help with the reconstruction of their broken buildings.

Healthcare & Medical Assistance

We have gone to some communities, like Jahi to check the health condition of people and also provide them with medical assistance.

Financial Support & Charity Programs

We look for people in need and help accordingly by either giving them financial support or helping them in other ways we can.

Construction of school buildings/ boreholes (water system)

We go to communities that are lacking the basic infrastructures and help them with their construction.

Educational Support/ Sponsorship & Scholarship

We provide educational support to people. We have sponsored and provided scholarships to people both local and overseas.

We do much more and are always looking into new ways we can help the community as a whole.